Why Do My Headphones Keep Breaking?

Why do my headphones keep breaking?

Getting your headphones replaced every once in a while can be a burden on your pocket. If you are looking to save those extra bucks, you must discover how to prolong the life of …

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How Long To Leave AirPods In Rice   


Mishaps can happen at any time. Therefore, when you are carrying electronic devices like AirPods with you, you must be very careful. Like most mobile phones today, AirPods also come with a water resistance …

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How To Find Lost Bluetooth Earbuds

Red Ear Bud

Have you ever experienced the heartbreak of losing your expensive headphones? Fret not, for there is technology to help you locate them. There are some precautionary measures to take beforehand to easily locate your …

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How To Use Earbuds With iPhone?

Silver iPhone 6 besides White Earbud, How To Use Earbuds With iPhone

If you have not upgraded to the newest models of the iPhone, it might come to you as a shock: The iPhone does not feature a headphone jack anymore! The absence of it can …

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How To Clean Earbuds Rubber

How to clean bluetooth earbuds rubber?

Where all of us are collectively adopting a more active lifestyle while we groove out to our personal soundtracks, we are willing to spend more in exchange for good quality headphones. But, within a …

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