Can you shower with Airpods 2?

Technology and water are usually considered enemies, especially when it comes to delicate gadgets like the AirPods 2.  Remember the early days when we had to guard our AirPods to keep them away from even the tiniest water droplet? Fast forward to today, we find ourselves in a world where water-resistant devices have become the … Read more

How long do AirPods take to charge from dead?

You have been jamming to your favorite tunes or chatting away on your AirPods, and suddenly, they run out of battery. What’s next? Well, you gotta charge them up, right? But here’s the kicker: you’re left wondering how long do Airpods take to charge from dead. It is a question that has crossed all our … Read more

Parts and functions of earphones

In our daily lives, earphones have become our little buddies. They help us listen to music, take calls, and enjoy our favorite shows. But have you ever wondered what’s inside those tiny earphones that make them work so well?  Let’s take a closer look at the parts and functions of earphones to improve your understanding.  … Read more

Do Bose Headphones Work With PS5

do bose headphones work with PS5

Bose headphones are popularly known for their high-quality audio performance and ergonomic designs. Being a user, you might wonder: Do Bose Headphones Work With PS5? Yes, Bose headphones can work with PS5. However, the exact compatibility depends on the model of the headphones and the available ports in PS5. Bose headphones with a 3.5mm headphone … Read more

How To Calibrate Headphones

How To Calibrate Headphones

Accurate calibration ensures that you are hearing the music as it was intended to be heard, whether you’re using your headphones for music production or just listening for enjoyment. If you do not already know, learn how to calibrate headphones in this article.  But first, let’s get to the basics.  What Is Headphone Calibration? Headphone … Read more

Does Planet Fitness Sell Headphones?

Does Planet Fitness sell Headphones? 

Headphones are certainly a never-to-be-missed essential in your gym bag. And if you are working out at Planet Fitness, it is a must!  Where Planet Fitness takes care of your health and all the exercise regimes, at the same time, it also values privacy and uninterrupted working out for all its members. This music policy … Read more

Which Raycon Earbud Has The Mic?

Microphones on earbuds are convenient and essential.  Think of all the times you had to juggle your phone while on call or using the voice assistant. It can get extremely frustrating and distracting.  With the feature of an in-built microphone, you can easily take calls and use the voice assistant with your hands free while … Read more

Do Raycon earbuds cause cancer?

Do Raycon earbuds cause cancer

Raycon earbuds are best known for the comfort they provide. Whether you are playing a game, running, or just casually listening to music, these earbuds will keep up with you.  But wait, did you hear someone say that Raycon headphones cause cancer? And here you are, searching about it.  So, do Raycon earbuds cause cancer?  Based … Read more

Why Do My Headphones Keep Breaking?

Why do my headphones keep breaking?

Getting your headphones replaced every once in a while can be a burden on your pocket. If you are looking to save those extra bucks, you must discover how to prolong the life of your headphones in the first place. By preventing some very common causes of breaking the headphones, you will be all set.  … Read more