Can you shower with Airpods 2?

Technology and water are usually considered enemies, especially when it comes to delicate gadgets like the AirPods 2. 

Remember the early days when we had to guard our AirPods to keep them away from even the tiniest water droplet? Fast forward to today, we find ourselves in a world where water-resistant devices have become the norm. 

This might have kept you wondering:

Can you shower with AirPods 2?

Well, the answer is not as simple as you might think. While Airpods are labeled as ‘water-resistant’, it is important to understand what this label means in practice. 

Wearing your AirPods 2 in the shower is not the wisest choice. These earbuds are designed to handle some splashes and light exposure to water but within limits. Showering with Airpods comes with certain risks that can potentially turn your musical paradise into a nightmare.

While showering, your AirPods are at risk of falling out and hitting the shower floor with a thud. Sustained water pressure on the earbuds can damage important parts. 

Furthermore, the combination of soap, shampoo, and your Airpods is not a good match either. Over time, exposure to these substances can lead to corrosion inside your Airpod speakers if not dried correctly.

The difference between ‘waterproof’ and ‘water-resistant’ is significant. Below are more concepts that can help you understand whether you can take a shower with AirPods 2 or not.

IP Rating

Ingress Protection of IP rating indicates how effectively a particular device safeguards itself against external intruders such as dust or water. This rating is made up of two numbers. The first number represents protection against solids like dust, and the second number indicates protection against liquids. 

For instance, most of the AirPods have an IPX4 rating. To simplify it for you:

So, the first part which is ‘x’ shows that the device is not tested against solid matters. However, we all know that AirPods are not mostly affected by solid particles such as dust or dirt so it is not as important. 

Onto the next part. ‘4’ in this code is an indication of the fact that your device can easily withstand water splashes. Please note that it works well in resistance against minor liquid substances such as sweat or water. It doesn’t mean that the AirPods will not get damaged if submerged in a bucket full of water. 

You might also be wondering how and why IP rating is relevant. To understand the answer to your question can you shower with Airpods 2, it is important to know about IP rating. It will help you see how well your AirPods can work without getting much damage. 

What to do if your AirPods get wet?

Now that we’ve talked about whether can you shower with AirPods 2 or not, you should also know what to do if you accidentally drop them in water. 

We all know, accidents can happen anytime, so you should stay prepared. 

Here are some important steps that you can take if your AirPods get wet:

can you shower with AirPods 2

Step 1: Remove your AirPods from water

If you have accidentally dropped your AirPods into the water, do not even think twice before removing them from the water source. This is the first and most important step to save your AirPods from damage.

Step 2: Switch off the AirPods

If still connected to your device, disconnect and power off your AirPods. This will prevent any possibility of short-circuits.

Step 3: Dry with a cloth

Now use a soft, dry piece of fabric to wipe away any moisture on your AirPods or charging case. Try not to be aggressive when cleaning them. Just do it gently and carefully.

Step 4: Sun is Never Friend to Your AirPods

It would be wrong to think that once dry you can put them under the sun since direct sunlight may damage electronic components. In case you are trying to save your pods with rice, you need to research extensively on how long to leave AirPods in rice. 

Step 5: Be Patient with your AirPods

You can set them aside to let them dry naturally. Choose a cool dry place. Do not use any heat source as it could damage your earphones such as hair dryers.

Step 6: Test your AirPods after some time

After drying for a while, check if your air pods are currently working. Are they working well enough? Connect them to your mobile phone or another device and test audio playback.

Step 7: Contact Apple Support

Reach out to Apple Support for further assistance in case the gadget is not functioning even after following the drying process.

So, can you take a shower with AirPods 2? Remember, prevention is better than cure. The best practice would be to keep your AirPods from any water or moisture.

Doing so will help you maintain their optimal performance and longevity. Be ready to take quick action if any accident occurs. Removing them from the water source right after they are submerged can reduce the risk of damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are AirPods 2 sweat and water-resistant?

Officially, AirPods 2 are not advertised or said as sweat or water-resistant by Apple. However, they are able to handle a small amount of moisture, such as sweat from workouts in light rain. Still, it is important for you to take caution and avoid exposing them to excessive moisture. 

Is it good to wear AirPods every day?

Wearing AirPods on a daily basis is generally acceptable but requires responsible usage. You should maintain safe volume levels to protect hearing, take breaks for ear comfort, and stay aware of your surroundings for safety. Also, make sure that you are regularly cleaning your AirPods to prevent hygiene issues. 


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