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If you’ve ever had your Beats headphones stolen, you know how frustrating it can be. You spent good money on a quality pair of headphones, and now they’re gone. But can you track stolen Beats headphones?

Add some spice to your music by opting for our classical Beats headset at an exciting price. Beats is considered one of the most expensive yet top-notch brands offering superior quality outstanding headphones and air pods.

We can’t underestimate the impact of Beats on the headphone industry. But owing them in public will make you a prime target for theft.

What will you do if your headphones get stolen because of their sleek design and catchy appearance? Or did you lose it in a crowd or on track due to your negligence?

Now, consider yourself asking this question: Can you track stolen beats headphones? Well, if you find yourself in this situation for the first time or once in a blue moon, we advise you to act upon any of these conventional ways to get your equipment back safe and sound.

Can you track stolen beats headphones?

Yes! With the insertion of H1 or W1 chips, it’s possible for audiophiles to track the location of their headsets if they were connected with apple devices before. Either with the exclusive application “Find My” or through the browser iCloud.

Wait, does your headset not induced with the latest audio technology of H1 or W1? Don’t worry. We got you covered today. Our headsets are manufactured in such a way that you can still locate them via serial number, which is the unique identity number allotted to each Beats headphone.

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Four conventional ways to locate your Beats headset

People love to invest in a headset to enjoy music with high-quality sound and as loud as they want without disturbing their surroundings. To prevent our customers from any loss, we make sure they always remain on the safe side. Being a Beats user, you have the edge over other music enthusiasts to locate your equipment in no time.

How can you track stolen beats headphones? Well, track your headset with:

  1. Find My App or iCloud website.
  2. Serial number
  3. Bluetooth scanner apps
  4. Loud audio output

How to find my beats headphones with the find my app or iCloud browsing

If your phone is already paired with the iPhone or iPod, then follow these steps to get your equipment back:

  1. Download Find My app from the apple store.
  2. Open it and tap on the Devices tab.
  3. Swipe up to reveal the list of devices that once connected with it.
  4. From the history, locate your stolen or lost gadget.
  5. By tapping on the device name, you will be given two options: play a song or get real-time directions.
  6. By clicking on the “real-time direction” tab, a map will pop up on the screen showing directions from your existing location to the current headphone’s position.

With the iCloud browsing

  1. Browse the iCloud website on the apple search engine.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Choose all devices. If your Beats headphones are in use or they have a battery, you can see them on the map to locate them.

Get your Beats back with the serial number.

Can you track stolen beats headphones with the serial number? Well, yes it’s possible. 

If you misplace your headset and find it difficult to locate it through online methods, then here is another one. We constructed each piece of equipment with a particular serial number.

Its mentioned on the receipt or the back of each product. Turn it upside down. It starts with the “SN.”

You can see the number on the packaging as well. But if your invoice has been lost, contact our customer care representative.  

Once the serial number of the lost product has been found, contact Apple for further assistance. They will tell you on the spot whether your equipment is in use by a third party or not.

Via Bluetooth scanning apps

Can you track stolen Beats headphones if it is used with the android? Bluetooth scanning – an alternative way to Find My app or iCloud browsing. As most of our customers are Android users. For them, we came up with another effective technique to track their gadget via Bluetooth scanning apps.

  1. Download any Bluetooth scanning app which is compatible with your device.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth on the current device must be enabled.
  3. Open the manual. Your headset must be paired up with the device beforehand.
  4. From the drop-down menu, locate your missing headphones.
  5. Different colors with the device name tell about the signal strength. This strength further demonstrates how far or close the device is.
  6. Start looking for your device before it dies.

Chase your headphone with the loud audio output

Another advantage of acquiring our Beats headset is amplifying the sound as much as you want.

If you misplace your headphone in your house, then you can chase it effortlessly by playing the loudest song at high volume from your playlist. Make sure it is connected to your smartphone and your headphone still have a battery to function. If you do not have much information about the battery life of your headphones, you can see the manual and discover how long do Bluetooth headphones last

Will beats replace stolen headphones?

Yes, Beats or, more specifically, Apple will replace your lost headphones. Of course, not for free.

We can offer a new device as a third party, but replacing your misplaced equipment is beyond our limits. However, we can solve minor technical issues with your headset. For other queries, contact Apple support.

Wrapping up

We all love to vibe on our favorite tracks, whether we are alone or in public. A good quality headphone always suppresses over noise, allowing you to focus on the task perfectly. During a workout, most people opt to wear headphones to avoid distractions. But once it is lost, it becomes a headache to locate.

We have shared some practical ways that will surely help you in this regard. With a few attempts, you’ll figure out what practice is suitable in which situation.

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