How to use earphone mic on PC Windows 10?


Don’t be too quick to discard your earphones if the mic isn’t working. We often tend to become impatient with such technical difficulties very quickly. And why wouldn’t we? Imagine you have an urgent …

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How to put AirPods Pro in-ear?

How to put AirPods Pro in Ear?

AirPods, without a doubt, are one of Apple’s genius creations. The superior audio quality and noise-canceling features are a blessing for many. However, there are some issues that many of us experience with them. …

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Headphone Volume Too Low Windows 10

Headphone volume too low windows 10

Whether you are a passionate gamer, or you love watching movies, poor audio quality can ruin the entire experience. Users of Windows 10 can observe a common miscreant in the way of their entertainment …

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How to fix broken headphones wire

Black Marshall Headphones on Wooden Table

Sometimes, headphone cables fray away, get exposed, or break due to frequent tugging, bending, or yanking. The reasons can also include the presence of a furry animal at your home, who loves to bite …

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