Why my headphones are beeping

Grey Erzetick Device

Have you ever thought about why my headphones are beeping? This isn’t about you alone if that’s the case. Unfortunately, this is a common issue with headphones. The beeps from your headphones let you …

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What to do with broken headphones

Broken Streo Headphones

Things become lost, misplaced, and smashed against walls because of our carelessness. It’s a shame that even some of our favorite and most useful gadgets, like headphones, fall victim to this trend! With this …

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How to fix water-damaged headphones?

Broken Black headphones

Did you accidentally wash the hoodie containing your headphones? Or dropped them while it was raining?  Irrespective of the cause, water can cause a lot of damage to them.  However, do not worry. You …

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How to untangle headphone wires?

How to untangled headphone wires

You receive an emergency call.  You pull your headphones out of your pocket to discover that they are badly tangled.  Now what?  You have to stop whatever you are doing and do this annoying …

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