Why my headphones are beeping

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Have you ever thought about why my headphones are beeping? This isn’t about you alone if that’s the case. Unfortunately, this is a common issue with headphones. The beeps from your headphones let you know whether your device is experiencing sound deterioration or if a problem is already present. The sounds on your headphones will … Read more

What to do with broken headphones

Broken Streo Headphones

Things become lost, misplaced, and smashed against walls because of our carelessness. It’s a shame that even some of our favorite and most useful gadgets, like headphones, fall victim to this trend! With this lesson, we’ll help you determine the extent of the damage, whether it’s repairable or not, and how to dispose of the … Read more

How to fix water-damaged headphones?

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Did you accidentally wash the hoodie containing your headphones? Or dropped them while it was raining?  Irrespective of the cause, water can cause a lot of damage to them.  However, do not worry. You can get your headphones fixed. How? Let’s discover. How to fix water-damaged headphones? There are different takes on how to fix … Read more

How to untangle headphone wires?

How to untangled headphone wires

You receive an emergency call.  You pull your headphones out of your pocket to discover that they are badly tangled.  Now what?  You have to stop whatever you are doing and do this annoying thing of untangling your earphones before you can finally take the call. To save you the trouble, here is how you … Read more

Can wearing headphones cause hair loss?

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Are you using your headphones regularly to listen to music or play games? You must be very concerned if the use can cause your hair loss or not. The worry is valid. So, can wearing headphones cause hair loss? Can wearing headphones cause hair loss?  Using headphones on an occasional or a casual basis will … Read more

How To Use Headphones And Mic At The Same Time

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Have you been browsing the internet lately to find out how to use headphones and mic at the same time? Stop right there because we have found the perfect solution to your endless dilemma. Working from home has had people searching for all sorts of technology-related questions. We mean, it can be a little embarrassing not knowing … Read more