Headphone Volume Too Low Windows 10

Whether you are a passionate gamer, or you love watching movies, poor audio quality can ruin the entire experience. Users of Windows 10 can observe a common miscreant in the way of their entertainment experience. 

When experiencing low audio, the first thing we do is to check the volume bar on the application being used. Second, we maximize the volume on the taskbar and third, we give up.

Do not just right away abandon your ‘Netflix and chill’ mood. Follow the fixes below if you are facing headphone volume too low Windows 10. 

Fixes for headphone volume too low Windows 10

Is everything a lot more quiet than usual on your Windows 10?  Follow the fixes below:

Headphone volume too low windows 10

Fix # 1: Use a different audio device

The most common issue seen is that the used audio device might be living its last breaths. Therefore, before you try any other thing, change the audio device.

For this purpose, you can use any other spare headphones lying around the house and see if they work fine. 

Moreover, if your headphones have a volume wheel, make sure that you adjust that to full volume. The volume wheel is usually present somewhere near the microphone. You may unintentionally turn the volume down without even realizing it. As a result, you might experience headphone volume too low in windows 10. 

Fix # 2: Running troubleshoot

In case the above-stated does not work, it will indicate that the problem is not in your headphones. 

You will have to run the troubleshoot to detect the issue with the audio of your device. 

Follow the given steps to run the playing audio troubleshooter:

Step # 1: To open the Window’s search box, click the Cortana button

Step # 2: In the search box, type troubleshoot as a keyword

Step # 3: Now, click troubleshoot and a settings window will appear

Step # 4: Click on Playing Audio and then Run the troubleshoot

Step # 5: If there are any fixes, the troubleshooter will detect and resolve the issues. 

Step # 6: In case the issue gets resolved, you will have to restart your device for the changes to take effect. 

Hopefully, the headphone volume too low windows 10 issue will be resolved this way. 

Fix # 3: Recheck the selected playback device

If the troubleshooting fails to fix the issue, try checking your selected playback device. 

If you have different playback devices, check if the one you need is set as a default device. 

Step # 1: To check, right-click on the speaker icon on your system tray. 

Step # 2: Now, click on Playback devices

Step # 3: A window with listed playback devices will open

Step # 4: Right-click on the device that you want as playback.

Step # 5: Select and set that device as default. 

Fix # 4: Choose the Loudness Equalizing Setting

Loudness equalization can help when nothing else is working out. If you are noticing unequal volumes of different software, follow these steps:

Step # 1: By right-clicking on the speaker system tray icon, choose Playback devices.

Step # 2: Right-click on the default speakers and choose Properties for the window to open. 

Step # 3: In the Properties window, click on the Enhancements tab. 

Step # 4: Now, check the Loudness Equalization box.

Step # 5: Click on Apply and then click ok. 

Fix # 5: Update your Audio drivers

To update the audio drivers manually:

Step # 1: From the search bar, open Device Manager

Step # 2: Double click on Sound > video > game controllers to expand

Step # 3: Right-click on the listed sound card and click on Update driver. 

Step # 4: Now, click on search automatically for updated driver software. The audio driver will be updated automatically. 

Step # 5: Once done, restart your computer for the update to work. 

Most of the time, updating the audio drivers fix numerous audio issues. The headphone volume too low windows 10 issue will probably be fixed too. 

Fix # 6: Update your windows

If you have an outdated version of windows, the problem might be lying there. Follow these steps to update your windows:

Step # 1: Click on the Cortana search box
Step # 2: Type Windows Update in the search box
Step # 3: Now, click on check for updates to see if any updates are available

Step # 4: All the available updates will be listed there

Step # 5: To install any new update, click on Install now

Step # 6: Restart your device after the update

Fix # 7: Restart the sound controller

If none of the above works, try restarting the sound controller. 

Step # 1: To restart the sound controller, press the Win key + X. It will open the Win + X menu.

Step # 2: Select the Device Manager now.

Step # 3: Now, double click on the sound, video, and then game controller to expand the list of audio devices. 

Step # 4: Right-click on the active sound controller and then click on Disable Device

Step # 5: A dialog box will appear, click on Yes to confirm the selected option

Step # 6: After waiting for a few minutes, click Enable

Step # 7: Lastly, restart the Windows for results to effect. 

There can be several issues when it comes to dealing with low volume. Such as, your headphone might have dirt or dust accumulated in them. Learning how to clean smelly headphones can help in this case. 

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After following the above-mentioned fixes, you will be able to listen to everything loud and crisp. If you need to enhance your experience, you should consider different headphone specs when it comes to buying a new pair. It will help you to deal with headphone volume too low windows 10 issues.