How to untangle headphone wires?

You receive an emergency call. 

You pull your headphones out of your pocket to discover that they are badly tangled. 

Now what? 

You have to stop whatever you are doing and do this annoying thing of untangling your earphones before you can finally take the call.

To save you the trouble, here is how you can do it in the simplest way. 

How to untangle headphone wires? 

Step 1: Place your headphones on a plain and tidy background to identify the knots clearly. 

Step 2: Start untangling the knot closest to the plug end. Why? Because you can easily pass the plug end from the knots.

Step 3: Loosen the twists on the cord to be able to pass the plug end through it by pulling the outermost wire of the knot.

Step 4: Once loosen, make a small loop and pass the plug to untangle. Repeat the process until your headphone is knot-free. 

Your headphones are going to tangle all over again if you do not keep them right. Not only can the knots get you annoyed, they can also damage the wires of your headphones. 


How about we save all the hassle?

Follow the given below tips to keep your headphones from tangling in the first place. 

Method # 1: Try the over-under loop method

Most of the headphone companies suggest that users use the over-under loop method. 

Here are the steps to practice it:

Step 1: For the over loop, hold the plug in your left hand and then use your right hand to grab the loose wire. Now, create a loop on the opposite side of the plug end. 

Step 2: For the under loop, take the loose end and form a loop. But this time, flip the loop over as your right thumb points towards you. 

Step 3: Continue to repeat the same steps and then tie at the end. This will help the headphone wire from tangling.

If you keep your headphones organized, they will last longer. However, if you want to see how long do Bluetooth headphones last, you can check the user manual for that as well. 

Method # 2: Use a binder clip to organize

You can also organize the wire of your headphones by using a binder clip. This is how it can be done:

How to untangle headphone wires

Step 1: Take a binder clip and pass the headphone wire through it.

Step 2: Coil the wire around the levers of the binder clip.

Step 3: To prevent the wire from loosening, insert the plug end into the levers.

Method # 3: Dedicate a container for your headphones

If you are looking for a very minimal solution, you can keep a small box or container for your headphones alone. Instead of just throwing them into your bag and finding them all tangled, small storage will assure that your headphones are not tangled with your pens or your keys. 

Method # 4: Use a thread or yarn to wrap it up

You can use yarn or thread to wrap your headphones with and it will help. Here is how to untangle headphone wires using yarn or thread:

Required: A yarn/thread, scissors, some patience 

Step 1: Take the yarn or the thread, as per your preference, and make a knot at the plug end.

Step 2: Now, tape the loose end on the table

Step 3: Wrap the yarn around the wire to cover it

Step 4: Tie the thread when you reach the neck of your earphones.

If you are too tired to try this out, you can simply take the springs from your ball pens and wrap them around your headphone wire.


Here is more on how to untangle headphone wires:

  1. Use a rubber band to wrap around the folded headphone wire.
  2. Use a cable yoyo to prevent the tangling of wires. 
  3. Wrap your headphone wire around any object such as a pencil.
  4. Wrap your headphone wire around your mobile phone.

Conclusion – How to untangle headphone wires

By knowing some simple hacks on how to untangle headphone wires, you can perform your tasks uninterrupted. 

Now, every time you need them, you can take them out of your bag and use them straight away. 

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