How Long To Leave AirPods In Rice   

Mishaps can happen at any time. Therefore, when you are carrying electronic devices like AirPods with you, you must be very careful. Like most mobile phones today, AirPods also come with a water resistance feature. But, the water-resistance capacity has a limit. If you have accidentally dropped your AirPods in water, we are here to help you get them dry and suggest how long to leave AirPods in rice

Mostly, people instantly put their wet AirPods in the rice. However, they are clueless about how long they should keep them in the rice. If you are one of them and wondering how long to leave AirPods in rice, stick with us till the end to dry your AirPods the right way so you don’t have to invest in a new pair. 

How Long To Leave AirPods In Rice

Why Do We Need To Dry The Airpods?

Have you seen in the movies that people accidentally fall into the pool with their mobiles in their hands? Or sometimes a kid throws someone’s electronic device into the water? Well, this can also happen in real life and it can very much happen to your AirPods. 

And when it happens you must know ways to dry your AirPods. For most people, the best way is to put their wet AirPods in a rice jar. This is not something that is applicable to AirPods but cell phones as well. 

You might be having questions like can I put my AirPods in rice? Or how long to leave AirPods in rice? But what if there are other ways to dry your Airpods? 

With people who want to know how long to leave AirPods in rice, there are also people who want to know if putting AirPods in rice is a safe option or not. So, let’s answer that first. 

Should We Put Wet Airpods In Rice?

While you might hear almost everyone saying that you must, it is safe to not place your wet AirPods in the rice.

There are many reasons why you must not try using rice as a way to dry your AirPods. And we also have many other ways you can use and all of them will give you better results if the damage is not worst. 

Putting AirPods in rice can lead to some problems like the rice can get stuck in the small ports of the Airpods. Another problem that you might face is corrosion. Some scientists think that rice can also be a reason for corrosion so why take any risk when you have other ways?

How To Dry AirPods? The easiest ways

There are loads of other options to dry your AirPods and if you try those you can get your Airpods in the original state. But there is one thing you must do when your Airpods accidentally get wet. You must take them out of the water and to a dry place as soon as possible. 

After that, you have taken them to a dry place, take a cloth, a napkin, or a towel to completely soak the water. Remember, if the water damage is way too worse you cannot get your Airpods back to normal. 

The certain answer to how to long leave Airpods in rice is for almost 3 to 6 hours

If you think that your AirPods need more time then you must leave them to dry overnight. But, this is not only about the AirPods but the charging port as well. If the charging port was also thrown in the water, it needs drying too. 

For that matter, you must repeat the steps mentioned above but you can also air dry them. Use a dryer to ensure that all the water is gone and viola, you can have your AirPods back. 


The next time someone asks you how long to leave AirPods in rice all you need to do is refer them to this blog. So, they know there are other safer options to dry their AirPods without getting the bits of rice stuck in the holes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does putting AirPods in rice work?

While people think this might work, we are here to burst your bubble that rice can do more harm than any good to your wet AirPods. The rice can get stuck in the small holes of your AirPods and they might not function well. 

How do you dry out an Airpod?

Follow the  given steps to dry your Airpods:

  • Take a towel
  • Place them where there is sunlight
  • Use the air dry method

What do I do if my Airpod gets wet?

You must get them away from the water as soon as possible. Afterward, pat them dry with a towel. If your elders are advising you to put them in rice and you are wondering how long to leave AirPods in rice then your answer is to forget the rice and place them in a dry place for about 6 hours.

Can AirPods be fixed from water damage?

It depends on the water that your Airpods have soaked. If it is minimal or average then yes they can be fixed but if they were in the water for too long then it might not be possible to fix them.

Will Apple replace AirPods that got wet?

How to dry out AirPods is one of the questions people are asking all the time but there is an option of not drying them and getting them fixed or replaced instead. 

If it falls under the warranty then yes you can get them replaced or fixed, but only if your AirPods were water-proof. However, if they are damaged after the warranty limit then you might have to pay for a new pair. 

How much does it cost to fix wet AirPods?

With the warranty, it can cost up to $29 and when the limit is exceeded you might have to pay as much as $89.