How to clean sony headphones

Whether you use your headphones for gaming, listening to music, or streaming Netflix, getting a quality audio output is necessary. However, within a year or two of using your headphones, this quality might seem to drop or the sound becomes less crisp. 

The decrease in audio quality can most of the time be a result of unclean headphones.

The situation above raises an important question:

How to clean Sony headphones?

Being a part of this buy-and-throw generation, we usually go for a new pair when the old ones show poor performance. Usually, the solution is so simple, only if you try working on it. Similar is the case with your headphones, as they can not be giving the best performance just because they are dirty. 

How to clean Sony Headphones

Required Apparatus

  • A clean cloth
  • Diluted neutral detergent
  • Cotton buds/ Q-tip

Step-by-step procedure on how to clean Sony headphones

In order to clean your Sony headphones, follow these simple steps:

  1. To remove the tips of earbuds (earpads in case of over-the-ear headphones, hold the earbud and twist the tip.
  2. Now, start by cleaning the charging port/ USB cover port of your headphones.

For wireless earbud headphones:

  • If you notice any foreign substances such as dirt, moisture, or dust, wipe the charging port quickly and leave it to dry at room temperature. This may interfere with the charging function of your headphones otherwise. 
  • Using a dry soft cloth or a cotton swab, clean the contact points between the charging case and the earbuds. 

Note: The charging case, in which the earbuds are stored, is not waterproof. Therefore, if the earbuds are charged and moisture is left on them, they can malfunction. Moreover, the moisture can also cause corrosion of the earbuds. Such malfunctions are not covered by the warranty either.

For over-the-ear headphones:


  • Dampen a cloth with sanitizer or neutral detergent and clean the removed earpads with it. Rub some on the leather and form too to kill any bacteria.
  • Using a cotton bud/ Q-tip, soaked in rubbing alcohol, clean the nooks of earpads. And, leave them to dry.

For in-ear headphones:

  • If you observe any perspiration, moisture, or water around the USB port, immediately wipe it off with a clean cloth and let it dry at room temperature. Otherwise, it may affect the charging function.3. Using a diluted neutral detergent, clean the earbud tips and wipe off any moisture thoroughly.
    4. With the help of a soft cloth, remove and clean any dirt or debris off the outside of the headphones. In case of excessive dirt, use a slightly dampened cloth with a diluted neutral detergent.
    5. In order to remove the dirt, earwax, or anything that may be accumulated in the mesh of earbuds, use a cotton bud/ Q-tip. While cleaning, make sure to be gentle to avoid pushing any dirt into the earbuds.
    6. For water-resistant models: Drain the sound outlet holes by positioning them downwards. Use a dry cloth and then shake the headphones several times to drain the water out of them. (The sound may be completely inaudible or muffled if any water remains in them.)
    7. Attach the ear tips back by making sure that they are not too loose.
    8. Check to see if the headphones are working properly.

Above-stated steps are a solution to your question of how to clean sony headphones

What is the need for cleaning headphones?

After getting to know how to clean sony headphones, you must also figure out the need for cleaning your headphones. 

Every day, we shove our headphones into our pockets, bags, or anywhere, where they can get tangled with the dirt. Taking them out and using them without any hesitation has become our routine. If this continues, it increases the chances of catching an ear infection or earwax blockage. You can also end up in a doctor’s office. 

If you wonder why do my headphones keep breaking, uncleanliness might be one of the reasons. 

A little maintenance of our headphones can go a long way. 

How to clean the headphone jack?

Now that we know how to clean Sony headphones, here is a bonus for you.

  • The easiest way to clean a headphone jack is with the use of compressed air. It has to be the quicked method on the list. The nozzle of compressed air can provides you with a blast of air that removed most of the dust trapped in the jack.
  • If compressed air is not your go-to, you can obviously use an interdental brush, a bent paper clip with some tape on it, or a pipe cleaner. 

Make sure to be very gentle to remove the risk of damaging the interior of your mobile phone. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How to get rid of the sweat stink from your headphones?

If you observe a certain kind of sweat stink or smell from the earpads of your headphones, choose one:

  1. Store your headphones with silica gel packets as they absorb the moisture.
  2. Get the earpads of your headphones replaced. 


If you are still confused about how to clean sony headphones, you can always head to their website. However, repeating the simple steps given can leave your headphones sounding as good as the new ones. Lastly, make sure to keep your ears clean as well.