How To Find Lost Bluetooth Earbuds

Have you ever experienced the heartbreak of losing your expensive headphones? Fret not, for there is technology to help you locate them. There are some precautionary measures to take beforehand to easily locate your misplaced possessions. Let’s extinguish the flame of worry that rises from the question of how to find lost Bluetooth earbuds.

Our first action when we realize that our Bluetooth earbuds are lost is to anxiously look for them but, most of the time we are met with disappointment. Our next thought is that we will have to replace them because it is impossible to find them now. 

A lot of times this can be worrisome as well because we have financial strains and cannot always get new ones. This is why you might find it relieving that looking for them is not a lost cause. 

Why Are Bluetooth Earbuds So Easily Misplaced?

A major sign of technological advancement follows a fixed pattern. Every new version is usually smaller in size than its predecessor and the same pattern has been adopted by Bluetooth devices. Smaller items are easily misplaced and overlooked when you search for them, making it difficult for you to find them. Even more frustrating is the fact that they usually come in black, grey, or white colors and hence easily blend in with the surroundings. 

How to find lost Bluetooth earbuds | 2 Top Ways

We have rounded up the top ways how to find lost Bluetooth earbuds. Stop worrying, and start searching!

Bluetooth Scanner Apps

For Bluetooth scanner apps to work, you have to ensure that your earbuds are always turned on and charged. The scanners will only detect signals from Bluetooth devices that are within the range of the scanner. They use the strength of the signals being given by your earbuds to calculate the approximate distance from your location. Closely watch the distance on the screen and look for your lost earbuds in the direction where the signals are the strongest. Wunderfind is a scanner app for both iPhone and Android that can locate a lost Bluetooth device.


Another way how to find lost Bluetooth earbuds is by using Bluetooth trackers. This is especially useful if your earbuds are turned off. You just have to purchase a Bluetooth tracker (which is usually an inexpensive device) and attach them to the case of your Bluetooth earbuds. These trackers can be tracked by their manufacturer’s apps.

Recommended Apps To Track Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Find My app is for finding your Apple AirPods. All you need to do is set it up with your iPhone, open Find My, select your devices tab, and choose your AirPods under which you will see its location. 

How to find lost bluetooth earbuds

  • Find your Pixel Buds can be used to locate pixel buds. You have to air them with your android and keep them connected to it at all times. Ring them to find the location. Mute them once you have found them.


As it is said, prevention is better than cure so here are a few tips that can make finding your earbuds easier. 

  • Ensure your earbuds are always charged so you can use scanner apps. 
  • Make sure your earbuds are turned on, paired with, and connected to your mobile phone so you can rely on the scanner app to find them.
  • Always keep your device’s location service enabled on your phone so it shows their last location.
  • If your earbuds do not have their own tracking feature, you can also purchase a Bluetooth tracker and attach it to the case of your earbuds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Find Lost JBL Earbuds?

You can locate your JBL earbuds by activating the ‘ring’.  You will get a ring notification on your device about the location and time of last use on your device when the earbuds are in range.

How To Find Lost Earbuds Android?

  1. Access Quick Settings on the phone. 
  2. Turn the Bluetooth and device location on.
  3. Download any Bluetooth scanner app (e.g., LightBlue). 
  4. Open the app and start scanning. You will see the missing Bluetooth device in the list of found devices. Note its signal strength and move around. 
  5. Look for it in the place the signal strength is maximum. 

For ease, you can also play something on your phone (which is now connected to the earbuds) at full volume and listen for noise coming from the earbuds. 

How To Find JLab Earbuds?

There is an inbuilt technology ‘Tile’ in JLab earbuds which upon activation performs four steps. 

They ring your earbuds and view your earphone’s last viewed location on a map by enlisting the power of the Tile Network and using the Tile detector. 

How To Find Lost Bluetooth Earbuds In Case?

You can find them by buying a tracker and attaching it to the case and locating it from the manufacturer’s tracker apps downloaded on your mobile.