How To Fix Headphone Wires Without Soldering: 7 Steps

Nothing can be more comforting than watching a fantastic movie on Netflix with a whole bowl of popcorn. But the disaster is broken headphones. Can you feel the pain just by words? Doesn’t it sound like a heart attack? Is it possible to fix the headphone wires? We have a very reliable solution to your problem, which you can opt for in this weird situation. We will tell you how to fix headphone wires without soldering.

Headphones are our life these days. You generally use the headphones for many purposes like listening to your colleagues’ voice notes, orders from your boss or any lecture to learn something special and to watch your favorite movies on holidays. But headphones are fragile tech items. It gets broken in no minute, anytime. And how to fix a broken headphone wire is a triggering question. If you don’t want to miss any of your exciting stuff, read this article until the end to know the solution to your heart-wrenching problem: fixing the headphone wires without soldering.

How To Fix Headphone Wires Without Soldering

How to fix headphone wires without soldering

It is the fast-growing digital era, and although wireless headphones have been invented still love to sing songs with the headphones that contains wire. Wired headphones also lessen the risk of any other app interference, and they are also budget-friendly. The only problem with these headphones is that the wires get broken easily, and not everyone has expertise in soldering wires, but it can be fixed without soldering.

Let’s discuss how to fix headphones wires without soldering.

1. Gather the tools

When it comes to fixing the headphone sites without soldering, the only method is using household tools. First, you need to gather household tools such as a knife, lighter or matchbox, and scotch tape, which is necessary to fix headphone wires without soldering. The other most important thing you will need to fix headphone wire without soldering is an extra AUX cable at your home. You must not be pro to use this method for fixing your headphone wire, but you must be careful.

2. Cut of the AUX cable

It is the main thing for fixing the headphone wires without soldering. AUX cables are used to transfer sound. You can also use them to connect your device.

For fixing the headphone wire, first cut the AUX cable with complete focus and at a distance of 5 or 7 centimeters from the connector. Remember, the shorter you cut, the higher risk you take because a single mistake by cutting shorter will waste your headphone forever.

3. Eliminate the rubber sheath

If you own a nice wire stripper, it will be fantastic to perform this step or either way; you can use a knife or any cutter. So, with the help of a wire stripper, you can quickly eliminate the specific size of the rubber sheath by stretching it upward. But if you are using a cutter or knife, you have to bend the rubber sheath and make a lighter cut on it carefully so that you may not cut the wire inside this cover like a sheath. And when you are done cutting the ing rubber, remove the sheath with your hands by pulling it upward.

4. It’s time to clean the varnish

Now, clean the varnish by burning the thin nylon thread on it at about one centimetre. This nylon thread works to protect the thin copper wire. After burning this thread at about one centimetre, blow up the fire with your hands or any other thing so that you may not burn the primary copper wire.

5. Fix the headphone cable by cutting it

Now, to fix your headphone wires cut the headphone cable at about 5 centimetres as you cut the AUX cable in the beginning and repeat the same procedure like remove the rubber sheath and clean the varnish as you did for the AUX cable.

6. Mangle the wires

The difficult task is to mangle the AUX cable and headphone cable wires correctly. Remember the simple rule of thumb, which is gold is always ground. So, without any doubt, twist all the golden wires of both cables because they indeed play a vital role. You can check accordingly for other wires because the case will be different for different headphones.

7. Separate the wires

Use the scotch tape and separate all the sets of twisted wires so that you will not eventually mess up just before the work is done. After proper separation, attach all the separated parts by using scotch tape and make it like a single and easy-to-use cable.

Now, you will never miss any important lecture or your boss’s order or even your favorite movie dialogue, even if your headphone wires are broken, because the above guide gave you a quick and simple solution for your biggest problem.


And you are done with fixing headphone wires without soldering. This method of fixing headphone wires without soldering will feel very tricky and time-consuming to you while reading it, but if you practically use it, you will see that it’s nothing but just a 10 to 15 minutes task that needs to be done with pure focus. Whenever the problem of fixing headphone sites without soldering comes your way, this method will be under your pants to rescue you without costing you your arm and legs.

Hope my step by step guide on how to fix headphone wires without soldering help you to fix your damaged headphone wires.

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