How to put AirPods Pro in-ear?

AirPods, without a doubt, are one of Apple’s genius creations. The superior audio quality and noise-canceling features are a blessing for many. However, there are some issues that many of us experience with them. Basically, sometimes the AirPods tend to fall off which can be an inconvenience. And, at times, the sound quality isn’t too great either. But, before you blame Apple for it, have you ever wondered how to put AirPods Pro in-ear? That might just solve many of your issues with AirPods! Let’s find out how your way of putting in AirPods could be an issue. And how you can correct it!

How to put AirPods Pro in-ear

Why should you learn how to put AirPods Pro in-ear?

AirPods are an extremely convenient creation. However, if you aren’t wearing them correctly, you’ll face problems. These include the constant falling off of the AirPods as well as compromised sound quality. That’s why you must immediately learn how to put AirPods Pro in-ear. 

First, there are 3 reasons why your AirPods keep falling off from your ears and then we have explained how to put AirPods Pro in-ear. 

  • They are a wrong fit.
  • The Silicon tips on the AirPods are of the wrong size
  • AirPods keep getting physically hit.

Wrong Fit

To begin, the reason why your AirPods continue to fall off is that they are the wrong fit. Although Apple claims to have designed the AirPods to fit 90% of its users. However, the remaining 10% can sometimes face inconvenience. They might struggle to keep their AirPods in ears.

Obviously, every ear is unique. Therefore, the one-size-fits-all approach to AirPods won’t always work.

Silicon Tips

There’s a difference between the ear tips of standard AirPods and AirPods Pro. The former feature a plastic tip that is non-replaceable. Whereas the latter feature replaceable silicone ear tips that come in different sizes. You can find them in small, medium, and large sizes.

Basically, the silicon tips are Apple’s way of addressing and fixing the issue of wrong-fit AirPods. Still, AirPods users must try out other sizes, if the current one doesn’t fit well, in order to find the right size. Wrong-size silicon tips will be just as inconvenient as plastic ear tips of standard AirPods.

Physical Hit

Truly, this is an obvious reason for falling AirPods. Either while fixing your hair, scratching your ear, or maybe rearranging your mask. The AirPods are bound to be knocked off or simply touched to stop the melodious flow of music to your ears. This happens mostly if AirPods don’t snugly fit your ears.

Although, this doesn’t mean getting properly fitting AirPods will completely solve the issue. They may still get knocked off due to various movements. The only way you can avoid this issue is by being mindful of yourself. So, apart from knowing how to put AirPods Pro in-ear, maybe also practice keeping them in.

How to make sure your AirPods fit your ears?

There are a couple of ways you can ensure that your AirPods sit snugly in your ear for long durations. Of course, staying mindful of their presence in your ear is one way. Another, quite promising way, is getting the right size silicon ear tips!

Change the Silicon Ear Tips if needed

The silicon ear tips that your AirPods pro comes with may not be the perfect fit for you. So, you’re going to have to change them. And the process is pretty simple and easy for it.

  • Hold the AirPods Por in one hand and turn the silicon tip inside out. This will expose its base to you.
  • With a little pressure squeeze out the tip from the AirPod. With a little force, it will pop out
  • Bring out the other pair of ear tips that fits you better. Align it with the AirPod.
  • Push the ear tip inside the AirPod Pro. Now, this may take some time since the ear tip opening is oval. Again, with a little, the ear tip will pop in.
  • That’s it!


Ear Tip Fit Test: How to Figure out the right ear tip fit for you?

If you’re unsure which size of the silicon ear tips will be best for your ears, do the ear tip fit test. The ear tip fit test is the perfect way to figure out the right silicon ear tip size for you. In fact, it will entirely solve the ‘how to put AirPods Pro in-ear’ problem for you.

Here’s how you can easily take the test:

  • So, to take the ear tip fit test your IOS version should be 13.2 or later.
  • First, connect your AirPods to the device, put them in your ears, and open Bluetooth.
  • Locate your AirPods Pro from the list of paired devices. Now, click the icon against it.
  • It will take you to a new page where you can find the ‘Ear Tip Fit Test’ option. You may have to scroll a little for it.
  • Next, tap continue and on the next page, hit play to start the test.
  • If the ear tips you’re using are the right size, a green check mark will appear. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to change the tips.

The article above summarizes how to put AirPods Pro in-ear

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Airpods Pro stay in your ears while running?

First, make sure the silicon tips of your AirPods pro are the right size for your ears. They come in small, medium, and large sizes. You might want to try out a different size if the AirPods keep falling off. Also, you can try wearing the AirPods upside down.

  • Do AirPods Pro fall out when running?

Not necessarily. AirPods Pro will fall out if they are physically hit. Or, if they are not the right size for your ears. You can change their silicon ear tips to make them fit better.

  • Do AirPods Pro fit small ears?

Apple typically makes AirPods Pro into a one-size-fits-all size. As such, they will fit small ears too. However, to make up for any exceptions, AirPods Pro has the feature of replaceable silicon tips that come in small, medium, and large sizes.

  • Do AirPods pro work with android?

Yes, AirPods Pro 2 works with Android. However, you might miss out on some special features, but it still gets along well. A misconception exists that Apple AirPods can only be used with iPhones. 

  • Do AirPods Pro have wireless charging?

Yes, AirPods Pro can be wirelessly charged. To do so, place the case in such a way that the status light is facing the center of the MagSafe wireless charger.