How To Use Headphones And Mic At The Same Time

Have you been browsing the internet lately to find out how to use headphones and mic at the same time? Stop right there because we have found the perfect solution to your endless dilemma.

Working from home has had people searching for all sorts of technology-related questions. We mean, it can be a little embarrassing not knowing how to hook up headphones and mic in front of your colleagues in a zoom call, right?

To save you from giving off a dull impression, we have gathered all the information needed. Read along to learn different methods of using headphones and mic at the same time.

Why do you need to use headphones and a mic at the same time?

How To Use Headphones And Mic At The Same Time

Usually, people use headsets to communicate on zoom, record a podcast or it could be any other reason. The advantage of using a headset is that it allows users to listen and talk at the same time hands-free. However, the mic that comes along with the headset is not suitable or even good quality either.

Therefore, users prefer to operate separate headphones and mics rather than using the headset’s mouthpiece for their target purposes.

What are the issues that cause headphones and mic to not hook up simultaneously?

Other than your mouthpiece’s low-quality issue, some other things can cause your headphones and mic not to work together.

Sometimes it’s the simplest fault that causes headphones and mic to not work at the same time. Such as, the headset’s mouthpiece might be disabled. or maybe you forgot to set it as the default device on your PC. 

Not to mention, your headset’s mic volume can be a problem too. If the microphone’s volume is too low, you can not hear what your recorded or the other person might find it hard to understand your voice. 

Thus, always make sure to unmute or set the headset as the default device on your computer before using it. If it still does not work, don’t worry, we have the perfect solution on how to use headphones and mic at the same time in the following article.

Possibilities are, that your headphones are not working properly. For that, you will have to discover how to fix Bluetooth headphones when only one side works. 

How To Use Headphones And Mic At The Same Time?

How To Use Headphones And Mic At The Same Time

Don’t stress yourself out if your headphone and mic are not working even after setting them as the default device. We are sure these three following methods will help:

Method 1:

  • Turn on your headphones and microphone
  • According to your comfort level, set the input as well as output volume level. (Ideally around 60 to 80)
  • You can adjust the mic’s sensitivity by changing the record levels.
  • To adjust the mic’s sensitivity, open the windows control panel. 
  • In the windows control panel, go to the sound option and select recording devices
  • To test out your audio setup, you can play videos or listen to music. 
  • If further changes are required, follow the same steps again.
  • Now enjoy using your microphone without any issue!

Method 2:

  • Plugin your headphones to your PC
  • Go to the sound settings and open it
  • Go to the recording tab
  • In the drop-down menu, you will find “stereo mix”
  • Select “stereo mix”
  • Now, it is up to you to choose how you want to use this option. Under record, you will find boxes. Click on the ones that suit your need.
  • You can leave the boxes unchecked if the options are not desired
  • When you are ready to start recording, push the start button from “record” that is displayed on top of the recording window.
  • Once you are done recording, push the stop button from “record” that is displayed on top of the recording window.

Method 3:

  • Firstly, hook up the microphone in your PC’s USB port
  • Plug your headphones in the same USB port that you plugged in the microphone.
  • Install audio recording software such as Audacity or GarageBand on your computer
  • Increase the volume on both the headphones and the microphone that is comfortable and clear to listen
  • Go to your desired software and press the record button
  • Make sure to talk clearly into the microphone while recording
  • Stop recording once you are done speaking
  • Don’t forget to listen once again before saving your file for uploading on your channel or sharing in your group.

Bottom Line

We can bet you gave up while trying different ways to hook up your headphones and mic in your PC at the same time. But nothing in this world is impossible, right? With three different aforementioned methods on out how to use headphones and mic at the same time, you are good to go.

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