Why Do My Headphones Keep Breaking?

Getting your headphones replaced every once in a while can be a burden on your pocket. If you are looking to save those extra bucks, you must discover how to prolong the life of your headphones in the first place. By preventing some very common causes of breaking the headphones, you will be all set. 

Why do my headphones keep breaking?

If you are buying good-quality headphones, they can last up to 2 or 3 years. However, if your headphones are not sticking with you for this long, there must be any or all three of these reasons:

  • You have bought low-quality headphones
  • You have bought or received faulty headphones
  • You are observing some bad practices when it comes to storing your headphones

If you see the cause in the above-stated reasons, be prepared.

Your headphones keep breaking because:

Low-quality headphones might not be a good choice when you are looking for long-term use. Similarly, if your headphones stop working after a short while, you may have received a faulty pair of headphones. Hard luck. For this, you can check out the warranty of your headphones to see if you can get a refund. 

The way you treat your headphones can be a big factor in determining the period of their use. Therefore, treat them right!

How to detect the fault in headphones?

Before we skip to the causes, you must know when your headphones are breaking. Keep an eye on these:

  • Dropped audio: If the audio keeps dropping while you are listening to your favorite podcast, or while you are moving the cord, it is a red flag. The headphones might be living the last days of their life.
  • Loss of sound in one side of the headphones, or both: If the headphones are playing in one ear only or in none, try connecting them to any other device. If they continue to malfunction, you might have fractured any internal wire.

If this happens, you can see how to fix bluetooth headphones when only one side works. 

  • Static sound: If you are hearing crackling noises while using the headphones, it indicates wire damage that is hindering the signal. 

Given below are some common causes and what you can do about them.

4 Causes why your headphones keep breaking and fixes

Below we have mentioned 4 major reasons why your headphones are breaking after a short time. We also discussed possible DIY solutions for these problems.

  1. Pulling the headphones from the cord
  2. Dangling headphones
  3. Sleeping with headphones on
  4. Not protecting your headphones while traveling

Why do my headphones keep breaking?

1. Pulling the headphones from the cord

You are playing your favorite online game when you see that you need water. You have to 30 seconds to rush and bring water till you reach the next level. 

You get up and rush towards the water bottle, and forget that you were wearing any headphones. As soon as you run, the headphones are pulled and removed with force. 

This is where things go wrong. The pull puts stress on the connection points of headphones and might also damage the internal wires. 

Next time you ask yourself why my headphones keep breaking, remember when you yanked them. 

Here are some common types of fractures and fatigues possible:

Metal fatigue: If the copper wires of your headphones are frequently bent, they can face metal fatigue. These tiny splits can evolve and grow to cause your headphones to retire early.

Stress fractures: Stress fractures are referred to as fractures alongside the length of the headphones. These can be a hindrance to the conduction of signals across the headphones, resulting in a poor signal. 


To remove the headphones safely, follow these three easy steps:

Step # 1: Hold the jack of your headphone in one hand

Step # 2: With your other hand, hold the device

Step # 3: Carefully remove the jack from the device

2. Dangling headphones

Now, when asking why do my headphones keep breaking, you must make sure that you are not dangling your headphones off the desk, bed, or couch.

Leaving the headphones falling off can put stress on them. 

Moreover, if anyone walks over them or they are twisted across the legs of a chair, they might completely get out of order. 


To avoid dangling your headphones, do the following:

  1. Organize your workspace so that your headphones remain loose and are not stretched.
  2. Keep them properly and do not just throw them on your desk after using them.
  3. Wrap the headphones carefully so that you do not have to untangle them every time. For untangling, you can opt several different ways so that you do not damage the. 

3. Sleeping with the headphones on

Another contribution to why do my headphones keep breaking is done when you sleep with the headphones on. The coils may get tangled or broken during the night. Moreover, sleeping with headphones on is also associated with several health risks. 


Instead of using your headphones while you sleep, make sure that you remove them before you fall asleep. If not, you can invest in wireless headphones so that you eliminate the risk of breaking your headphones. 

4. Not protecting your headphones while traveling

While wondering why do my headphones keep breaking, you must understand that transporting your headphones with care is important. 

Most of the branded headphones come with a casing. You can utilize that so your headphones are not damaged when you thrust them into your bag.


As an alternative, you can also:

  1. Buy a covering for your headphones. 
  2. Dedicate a compartment to the headphones in your bag.
  3. Put them separately, in your pocket.


Taking care of one’s headphones does not require any major investment. You just have to care for minor things that are causing damage to your headphones. 

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